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All roads lead to home…


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Since the dawn of time, life has been echoed in stone, proposed truths have been weighed and measured, and breaking up has been hard to do.  Melissa knew a time would come when she would have to deal with the secrets she kept, but it was never today – until now.  Forced to face some hard truths in order to follow her heart, an old proverb endures: You truly do reap what you sow.

This is the second book in the Home series; a journey which began with the short story, The White Peacock, and the first book, Just Live, Juliette!


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  • Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance (Contemporary)
  • Warnings: Adult situations, language
  • Published: October 25, 2013
  • Words: 167,820 (approximate)
  • Pages: 487 (approximate)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780991715725



From the Author


While Juliette’s journey within the pages of the first book of the Home Series introduced readers to this different landscape – standing right beside her as she learned and experienced new things – the story told from Melissa’s perspective in Rocks Don’t Cry flows at a different pace, picking up where Juliette’s tale came to an end.  In contrast to newcomer Juliette, Melissa is a veteran “Homester” who knows the score – for the most part.  Her mind is focused less on learning about this world around her and more on finding a way to be fully present.  Just as these two women and the men in their lives are unique characters, so are their journeys.  What a pleasure it is to write such contrasting personalities – to have these personalities shine through in their stories.

The third book (in progress – to be released in 2014) continues from where we see the story come to a close in Rocks Don’t Cry.  The next leading character (whom I won’t mention by name) has become a constant companion in my mind – bouncing up and down squealing, “My turn!  My turn!” and poking me at all hours – day and night.  We’ll get there – or that’s what I keep telling them anyway.  I expect the next several months to be a bouncy ride with two books in progress.


Please enjoy this excerpt from Rocks Don’t Cry



Two-and-a-Half Years Ago


You know that sinking feeling you get just before something bad happens?  That’s the way Melissa MacDermott had felt while driving to work that afternoon at The White Peacock.  She wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong in her universe, she just knew something didn’t feel right, and as the minutes ticked by, the feeling of gloom slowly grew.  On top of her foreboding, she’d arrived at work and learned there’d been a glitch in the staffing schedule.  It was the Friday of the Easter long weekend; they weren’t expecting to be particularly busy that night and yet a handful of extra staff had been scheduled.  While she usually worked the Friday evening shift, at Chef’s direction she flipped a coin with the alternate sous chef and found herself with the night off.


Ordinarily she would have preferred to work the shift, but tonight her mind was elsewhere and being home was probably the best place to be.  It was where she felt safe and comfortable, surrounded by her family and familiar walls and spaces, and until she got a handle on this dark feeling of dread, she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.


“Gin,” Derek beamed as he laid his cards on the table.  Her older brother’s rugged green eyes sparkled having won yet another hand while he snickered at his own good fortune.


Mel tossed her cards on the table and scowled at him.  She hadn’t managed to pull together anything decent in her own hand.  Her best was a pair of seven’s.  Her mother had gotten the closest, only needing one more ten for a full house, while her father and Miles seemed to be in about the same boat she was.


Miles chuckled and looked under the table at Derek’s lap, seemingly looking for extra cards.  “I swear you’re cheating,” he ribbed his brother through a wide, teasing smile.


“I’m not cheating,” Derek defended.  His grin didn’t fade as he held up his hands to show they were empty.  “If it’ll make you feel better, I’ll even take off my sweater so you know I’m not hiding cards up my sleeves.”


Cathy MacDermott laughed across the table at her son, fixing the small pony tail that held her stylishly-graying chestnut curls off the back of her neck.  She’d changed out of the business suit she’d worn to work that day and was comfortably lounging in yoga pants and a long-sleeved cotton shirt.  Mel always enjoyed her casual look.


“I think you’re going to need to do that, Sweetheart, because we all think you’re up to some tricks over there.”


Mel’s older brother laughed in response as he reached for the hem of his sweater and pulled it off over his head.  After dropping it to the floor, he straightened the t-shirt he wore underneath and ran his fingers through his dark hair.  “Better?”


“Much,” Robert MacDermott nodded with a glimmer of amusement as he gathered all of the cards from the center of the table for his turn to shuffle and deal.  “What’s the matter, Mellie?  You seem quiet.”


She shrugged and forced a smile.  “I’m fine, Dad.  Just tired, I guess.”


“Good thing you stayed home, then.”  Unlike her mother, her father wouldn’t change out of his shirt and suit pants until he headed for bed, but at least he’d removed his tie.


Cathy reached over and patted her daughter’s hand.  “Thanks for helping with dinner.”


“No problem.”


Yes, it was a good thing she’d decided to stay home, Mel thought, as she tried again to push away that feeling of doom.  She hadn’t planned on being anywhere other than work this evening so when an invite surfaced a few weeks ago to a fancy dinner tonight at Alden Castle, she didn’t make any plans to go.  She knew it was a disappointment; being unable to attend the dinner, but Adam had understood why and was fine with going alone.


Friday nights were her night in the kitchen at the Peacock and she didn’t want to disappoint Chef by asking for the night off; not on a long weekend when so many others would be asking not to be scheduled and he’d be counting on her to help run an efficient line.  She still couldn’t understand how extra staff had been scheduled on a Friday night of a long weekend.  Regardless, she was relieved to have the night off.


She sighed quietly as she watched her father shuffle the deck, wishing she could shake that niggling and distressing sense of doom that had settled around her.  Hopefully everything would turn out alright and she’d laugh about it all tomorrow.  She’d share how she’d secretly felt like it was the end of the world when, in fact, it was nothing.  Maybe the planets were misaligned.  Maybe it was hormonal.  Hopefully he’d understand why she still declined the invite despite suddenly having the night off.  She looked at her mother who was still watching her.


“Are you sure you’re alright, Sweetheart?”


She nodded her head and smiled warmly at her mother.  “Yes, I’m fine.  Really.  I’m just tired.”



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