About Me

Stephanie Andrassy


Hello and thanks for joining me here.  I’m the coffeeholic author of the fantasy romance Noble Lies and the paranormal romance Home Series that started with my short story, The White Peacock, and the novel continuing that journey, Just Live, Juliette!  I’ve been thrilled and honored by the positive responses from readers of these two divergent stories.

I don’t think of myself as a fantasy author or consider myself a genre writer at all even though these first two storylines fall within the scope of fantasy.  Drama, suspense, life, and always romance; there are so many exciting directions a story can take.  No limits.  In fact, I have a couple of contemporary, non-fantasy romances rolling around in my mind waiting for attention.  One is actually written (and predates Noble Lies), but it’s not quite ready to meet the world.  The other is percolating.Stephanie Andrassy at the park, on the stairs, and at the beach

But first, the sequel to Noble Lies is well underway, as are the remaining books in the Home Series.  Watch this space and my social media feeds for updates.

Apart from writing, I hold a B.A. from the University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) and spent many years working in the social housing field.  I live with my family in southern Ontario, Canada where I’m Mom to three spectacular munchkins and a furry, four-legged Wheaten Terrier.  As an avid reader of romance, fantasy, drama, women’s literature, suspense, and non-fiction; I’ve been writing for my own personal pleasure since I was a child; enjoying a lifelong love affair with the written word.  Besides being a mom, nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching stories unfold.  Well, there is coffee…

Wishing you the world!  Much love and thanks,

Stephanie Andrassy

December 2013