Better Late than Never!

Better Late than Never!


Rhapsody in Red cover

It’s a cold and wintry Saturday afternoon in January. I’ve just tossed supper into the crock pot – sweet and sour chicken and veggies. Can’t wait for the tangy aroma to fill the corners of our home over the next few hours, and tease us with the satisfying supper yet to come, while everything in that pot bathes in hot yumminess. It’s a perfect time to tackle website updates! It’s been a while and is long overdue. (We’ll see how long it takes me to remember how to post this update. I’m guessing it will take me a few days to get all sections up to date.)

The news of the release of the third book in the Home Series on January 20, 2015 should have hit here first, but sadly it seems to be getting here last. My apologies to those who have been checking in looking for such updates. Sometimes life grabs you by the ankles and drags you off in directions not of your own choosing for a while, and when it does, social media and website updates tend to move farther and farther down the list of priorities. (Let’s not even talk about my Twitter page!) But Rhapsody in Red is here now, and for that, I’m thrilled and grateful.Death. Afterlife. Amnesia. Friendships. Love. Six friends agreed to play a game. They all chose to die before they turned 30, but don't remember why. They planned the game before they were born.


“A child inherits a world already defined by their elders, and after battling ridicule for years, Joanie hid behind a comedic facade to finally win friends. Now her unraveling world threatens exposure and heartache. Longing to break free from the stifling secretive darkness, she has to play the rebel’s game in order to win at love. But can cheating really lead to the happily ever after she wants?”


Stephanie hard at work plotting out the fourth book in the Home Series.In further news, I have managed spare moments to work on the fourth and final book. I’m not ready to share too many secrets quite yet. Based on my current word count, one might think it’s about halfway done, but I have chunks here and there and key scenes scattered throughout, and a lot of little frayed ends surrounding each piece. They are ideas, emotions, actions…but on their own; not a complete journey.

I’m stocking up on red pens and prepping for an overhaul. Sometimes things just need to simmer for a while (like my supper) before the whole of the parts can merge into (hopefully) one splendiferous creation. The entire story is sitting on the tip of my tongue, waiting for my brain to work through all these pieces so that my fingers can do their thing and pound the keys a little more fervently than they have. I love this time during the creation process – watching the story unfolding. I am still highly optimistic that this final piece of the story will be released before the year is done.


Noble Lies coverAnd as soon as I wrap up the Home Series with this fourth book, I promise, promise, promise to return to writing the sequel to Noble Lies. I feel like I keep saying, “as soon as I do this” and “as soon as I do that”… More apologies. My mind has been taken over by this series and I simply can’t write two different stories at the same time and hope to give them both all of my attention. Michael and Jez have been waiting patiently for me to return. Their story is about twenty-five percent written and fully mapped out… Not sure I dare say we might also see it before the end of the year, but I won’t say we definitely will not. Gonna stick with a big, huge MAYBE on this one.


And finally, I was recently interviewed by Fiona Mcvie who runs a wonderful blog showcasing author interviews. It was an honor to be included. Be sure to check it out here.  (Thanks again, Fiona!)


My supper is still an hour from being done, and I’m salivating with the onslaught of deliciously-scented warm air surrounding me while I try to keep my focus on the task at hand. Such wonderful torture!

I hope you’re all well – safe and warm. Superbowl tomorrow, I understand. Enjoy if you’re watching! You’ll probably find me curled up in my writing bubble instead, but I’ll be cheering the winning team on to victory in spirit.


Stephanie xoxo


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