Just Live, Juliette! Virtual Book Tour – December 16 – 23, 2013

Just Live, Juliette! Virtual Book Tour Dec 16-23Tour Schedule


December 16, 2013 – Mythical Books

Just Live, Juliette! and I will be hanging out with the mysterious GZM and CCAM over at Mythical Books where you can find not only a long list of book reviews, but reviews of films as well.

Swing by and check out my guest post – The Afterlife as a Parallel Word (and Second Chance)


December 17, 2013 – Pembroke Sinclair

Just Live, Juliette! and I will be stopping by Pembroke Sinclair’s blog for an interview.  Find out what inspired me to write this story.

Jessica Robinson writes under the pen names Pembroke Sinclair and J.D. Pooker (children’s).  When she first started writing, her goal was to be classified as a sci fi/fantasy writer, but as she honed her skills and found her writing style, she discovered that she enjoyed writing in several different genres.  Now, she writes an eclectic mix of fiction ranging from Westerns to horror to sci fi to fantasy…to children’s stories.  Her story, “Sohei,” was named one of the Best Stories of 2008 by The Cynic Online Magazine. Her young adult zombie novel, Life After the Undead, was a Top Ten Finisher in the Preditors and Editors Reader’s Poll in the YA category and the cover art category.  She’s also a freelance content editor for Musa Publishing.


December 18, 2013 – Nicely Phrased Book Blog

Just Live, Juliette! hits the spotlight over at Nicely Phrased.  You can read Adrienne’s review of Just Live, Juliette here.

Adrienne is a wife and mother looking for a great story to take her away. Emma is a teenager looking for the next great adventure. They’re passionate about books.  They thought it would be fun to blog together, not only to share their love for stories but also as a way to bond.  They don’t always review the same books; however, on occasion they will.  Emma reads primarily YA, however she also enjoys YA paranormal, YA fantasy, and occasionally YA dystopian/utopian.  Adrienne prefers NA, adult fiction, romance incl. paranormal/fantasy,as well as erotica and YA.  They also enjoy participating in promotional events for books including book cover reveals, teaser reveals, book spotlights, sales, interviews, and reviews.  They’re always looking for debut authors – they love to read and promote their books – and hope they can provide readers with honest and sometimes (hopefully) funny reviews.


December 19, 2013 – The Creatively Green Write at Home Mom

Just Live, Juliette! and I will be swinging by Creatively Green for an interview.  Of all the characters I’ve written, Wenona asks who is my favorite and why?

Creatively Green is the blog of freelance writer, avid crafter, and La Mamma Verde (the green mom), Wenona Napolitano. This blog features everything about her creatively green life from green crafting to eco-gardening, green parenting and green living in general. You will also find articles on writing, being a mom writer, and guest posts from authors. Full of green musings, eco-product reviews, book notes, eco-friendly crafts and so much more.


December 20, 2013 – Random Reviews by Leanne

Stop by to read Leanne’s review of Just Live, Juliette!

Paranormal Author Leanne Herrera’s prolific reading and expansive tastes allows her not only review lots of books books but her inner dialogue, interesting life, and ongoing adventure as an up and coming Indie author allows a fresh and fun blogging experience.  Leanne is the author of Mirror Bound – a tale about magic, witchcraft, and soul mate romance.


December 20, 2013 – Penny For Them…

Just Live, Juliette! hits the spotlight at Penny For Them…  Stop by to read Claire’s review (to be added).

Bookaholic Claire is the proud mom of two dogs and three cats and loves a good bargain, not to mention that perfect shade of nail polish!  She shares her thoughts and ramblings on her blog.


December 23, 2013 – Fang-tastic Books

Fang-tastic Books is the home of vampire and paranormal book reviews, author interviews and fang-tastic book giveaways – created by author and vampire aficionado Roxanne Rhoads to showcase paranormal books and their authors.  Story strumpet, tome loving tart, eccentric night owl…these are all words that can describe freelance writer and erotic romance author Roxanne Rhoads.  When not fulfilling one the many roles being a wife and mother of three require, Roxanne’s world revolves around words…reading them, writing them, editing them, and talking about them. In addition to writing her own stories she loves to read, promote and review what others write. She operates a book review site, Fang-tastic Books, dedicated to her favorite type of book- anything paranormal. She also owns a virtual book tour company, Bewitching Book Tours and is a publicist for Entangled Publishing.

Swing by and check out my guest post – “Do You Believe in Santa Ghosts?


Many thanks to Roxanne Rhoads and Bewitching Book Tours for the tireless dedication and support in organizing this virtual tour of Just Live, Juliette!


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