I Got Squirreled 2

Red squirrel on tree trunk in winter parkWelcome to my very first ‘official’ blog post.  Thanks for joining me!  It took me a little longer to get here than I’d planned.  You see; I sort of got squirreled along the way.

I had penciled ‘blog post’ into my calendar for mid-November and here it is – December 2013 – with the holidays only a few weeks away.  The world has been such a very busy place over the past little while.  I’ve been trying to juggle this and that and the other thing, and even though I had set my sights on completing tasks A, B, and C within a certain timeframe, it wasn’t happening as planned.  I finally adopted a new phrase.

“I got squirreled.”

Have you seen the 2009 Disney movie, “Up” and the loveable talking dog, Dug?  He would be carrying on a conversation until he spotted a squirrel and got distracted.

“My master made me this collar.  He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may speak.  Squirrel!”

I’m the talking dog lately and I feel like I’ve been chasing a lot of squirrels.  Here’s a simple example of a small window of time.  Maybe you can relate?

Dinner is in the oven.  A current project is sitting open on my laptop with about an hour’s work left on it before I can call it done.  An email comes in needing a quick reply as soon as possible.  Squirrel!

I open the email and start to bang out a response, but before I can finish and hit ‘send’, the oven timer dings, reminding me to check on dinner.  Squirrel!

After flipping or basting whatever is in the oven, a teenager calls out from another room with a quick question – needing help before they can finish that last bit of history homework.  “Hold on,” I say, setting another reminder timer on the oven.  “I need to look that up before I can help.”  I may remember a lot of things from high school, but why Canada utilized conscription during World War I isn’t one of them.  Squirrel! 

On my way back to my laptop for a quick Google search, the phone rings with a call I have to answer.  Squirrel!  Chat, chat, chat, chat, chat…

While I’m on the phone, the dog wants to be let out.  Squirrel!  And the oven timer dings.  Has it been ten minutes already?  Squirrel!  Continuing my phone conversation, I open the door for the dog and flip or baste whatever is in the oven.  And since I can multi-task (usually) while talking on the phone, I decide I might as well unload the dishwasher as well.  Squirrel!

I remember to let the dog back in – he has a way of getting my attention – but I don’t remember to set another reminder timer on the oven.  And when I hang up the phone – with the dishwasher half-unloaded – I’m reminded that I still haven’t helped with that history question from the other room.  Squirrel!

Heading back to my laptop to fire up Google, I make some progress with World War I research until I eventually hear another young (hungry) voice from the bowels of the house.  “When’s supper?”  Squirrel!  Oh, shoot!  Please don’t let the meat be burnt… 

So this past month has been rather chaotic with a lot of squirrels dragging me away from my laptop and my growing ‘to do’ list (and Facebook and Twitter and writing and…)  But on a positive note, my first official blog post is live!  Yay!  🙂

Stephanie  xoxo

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